Remote commissioning and maintenance with Logbot

The commissioning process is a vital part of almost any project, whether it’s a filling machine in Brazil or a drilling rig in Russia.

Modern technology has enabled commissioning to be conducted remotely and Logbot provides all the tools to do it the right way. It offers a complete virtual environment where HMI, analytics on real time data, video streaming and virtual private network (VPN) to PLC and field devices are available from a single cockpit, everywhere, at any time. There’s a number of advantages as well as disadvantages to this approach. Let’s take a look.

Advantage 1: It’s cheaper

With remote commissioning, you can save on airfares, hire cars, accommodation, meals and other sundry costs associated with getting an engineer onsite. Particularly for remote locations, these can add up to significant savings.

Advantage 2: It’s more flexible

You can pay a remote engineer by the hour, rather than having them onsite for a number of days – you’re not paying them to stand around waiting for the next flight. In addition, often an engineer can be available remotely at short notice.

Disadvantage: You may need an electrician onsite

A remote engineer can assist with any software and hardware testing and debugging. However, they obviously can’t physically alter the electrical wiring and hardware. If any changes need to be made, you may require an electrician onsite to make the modifications under supervision from the engineer. However, with a thorough factory testing regime and proven quality assurance systems, it’s rare to require physical wiring changes onsite.

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Remote commissioning is becoming increasingly popular; the cost savings and flexibility generally significantly outweigh the potential complications.

Logbot enables any low skilled operator to commission a machine, no effort in setting up complex equipment and cameras, he simply plugs the IoT, accesses Logbot dashboard from his smartphone and shares the point of view with the automation engineer sitting in his office or at home.

The remote engineer has everything under control from his browser: HMI, real time data and analytics and video/audio stream from the field. He can also use engineering software (e.g. TIA Portal) to program any field device.

Even more Logbot offers a connectivity kit that includes an LTE worldwide modem with the new NB-LTE technology that provides connectivity where normally no equipment is able to connect (remote areas, inside buildings…).

A M2M SIM is also included, with very competitive fares and worldwide coverage.

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Get your complete remote commissioning kit starting at 550 €

Logbot is sold by SIEMENS and its distribution network in Italy

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