What you need

Logbot has 3 components:

  • The Industrial IoT gateway
  • The Logbot OS license
  • Pay-per-use services on Logbot platform

Service list prices

(for the all-in-one package DATA+VPN)

Getting started!

Start using Logbot in 4 easy steps:

  1. Buy the Simatic IoT2040 gateway (Siemens MLFB: 6ES7647-0AA00-1YA2)
  2. Buy one of the two Logbot licenses available
    (Siemens MLFB: IT2:IOT-LOGBOT-60 or IT2:IOT-LOGBOT-250)
  3. Register your account on Logbot platform and subscribe to your services.
  4. Start collecting metrics from your machines and build beautiful services for your customers or your company.

Simatic IoT2040 and Logbot license are sold by Siemens, contact your representative.

Top-up your account

Top-up your Logbot account and pay only for what you use!

Credits can be bought directly on your Logbot account by credit card, or you can buy coupon cards from selected distributors:

  • Sonepar
  • Elettroveneta
  • Marchiol
  • Gruppo Giovannini
  • Telmotor
  • MEB Elettroforniture

Coupon cards are sold in 3 sizes:


The above service prices are list prices.

Volume discounts are applied on services and credit purchase.