We want to interconnect every machine, globally.


Logbot was born from the solid expertise of IoT professionals and from a clear and predictive vision: to successfully meet the growing need for winning technological solutions at the service of Machine Builders and Manufacturing Companies. 

That is why Logbot has chosen a Business model based on the principles of Facilitation and Service Innovation, through a flexible and easily integrated platform. 

The data, and the ability to interpret them with analysis and insights of value, are the real competitive asset: they need a Cloud based solution, which guarantees total independence, complete security and the responsible management of our experts. 

Logbot is able to design and manage customized solutions based on the peculiar characteristics of each machine: this way, companies and OEMs are finally able to make decisions and monitor the key parameters to make production more efficient and activate predictive maintenance. 

Our mission takes the Company through a gentle process of Digital Transformation, in line with the pillars of Industry 4.0 and Transition 4.0. 

And in the infinite range of possibilities that the path offers, having the travel map in your hand is a strategic choice. 


We are all in permanent and mutual connection. 

It is the connection that changes perspectives: it puts in a network, finds new meanings, new possible paths. And each data point becomes central and important when it is connected to another. 

As in a constellation, each star draws and defines the map of the sky with which we orient ourselves. 

In this scenario, Machines and Plants can no longer be entities disconnected from the production ecosystem, they must not limit themselves to communicating simple information. 

Logbot IoT creates the interconnection that “makes industrial machines talk”: a lively and reciprocal interaction between the human being, the machine and the data it collects. 

Simple as a chat, specialized and professional like you.

Tem Logbot at work
foto team Logbot


Logbot comes from the solid expertise of IoT professionals.

And from a clear vision:

  • successfully respond to the growing need for Solutions at the service of OEMs and Production Companies;
  • interconnect the machine, and the relevant data it collects, to the ecosystem that surrounds it.

We facilitate change: we develop cutting-edge products that accompany the Company in a gentle process of Digital Transformation.

The Logbot team

Team Francesco

Francesco Urbani

Chief Sales Officer Italy

Team Federico

Federico Davoli

Founder & C.E.O.

Team Alessio

Alessio Munerato

Senior Developer & Team Leader


Pouya Rahmati

Mobile Developer

il team di Logbot

Amin Tehrani

Full Stack Developer

Navid Pourhadi

Back Office & Purchasing Manager

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