All data that are generated by production machines in the field of, for example, manufacturing, consumption control equipment, for example, within large commercial or condominium complexes, data generated by movable or semi-movable machines such as, tractors, means of transport or material processing in general, and then end up with luxury products, such as saunas or swimming pools or very expensive products.


The acquisition of the data produced by the individual sources takes place through an iot Gateway – of more or less known brands using the main standard protocols (S7-OPC UA, MODBUS) – which will act as a link with the Logbot platform.


The Logbot platform, will have the task of processing the information collected by iot, to structure them, making them available to the manufacturer, or the end user. The main technologies used by the platform for the analysis and visualization of data are based on Grafana, while the Cassandra real time database is used for the storization of the same.


The visualization of the data, acquired from the sources and processed by the Logbot platform will then be displayed in specific or customized dashboards as appropriate and consequently visually reproduced in Control Room, Tablet or Mobile App.


As for the management and distribution of the Logbot Services, the same will be sold with Pay for Use mode, through prepaid credits that will be valid annually. In addition, the services will be identified by coded and ready-to-use KITS (activation in the same day), such as Energy Consumption Kits, Certification Kits 4.0, Production Efficiency Kits, Cyber Security Kits, etc.. replicable later with Plug and Play mode. Precisely for the reasons described the services will not need maintenance and being pre-packaged do not require development by users.