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Nowadays most of the current systems are characterized not only by a low man-machine interoperability, but also by poor efficiency and accessibility to the machines themselves and/or to company systems, not to mention a Time To Market (TTM) very high and quite high costs.

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For these reasons, Logbot SDK was born, whose goal is to simplify and enrich the user experience by providing everything necessary to design and develop a mobile app for the industrial IoT field.

With Logbot SDK and its modules, everyone can build in 10x reduced time any mobile control system and access its machines from anywhere in the world.

Areas of application

Industrial sector (e.g., machine control)

Home/industrial automation (e.g., energy efficiency)

Public administrations (e.g., public services)

Luxury goods (e.g., control of saunas and Turkish baths)

The process

The Logbot solution incorporates its state-of-the-art technology into the following 3 different main components:

  • The LogbotOS operating system
  • The Cloud IoT platform
  • The Mobile SDK

With Logbot InstantApp it is possible to communicate bidirectionally with your machines with a simple tap from anywhere in the world, both from the office and from the comfort of the beach, thanks to the advanced IoT cloud system and the LogbotOS operating system installed in the gateway on board your machines.

The advantages

Logbot InstantApp therefore allows you to have:

  • All tools immediately available
  • Ease of use
  • High modularity
  • High productivity
  • High accessibility
  • Access and control your machines from anywhere in the world
  • Pay-per-use services ready to be used: no hidden costs
  • TTM reduced by 10 timee

The modules

Logbot InstantApp is characterized by a modular structure, divided into the following four main categories:

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This component consists of the following sub-modules and allows all the management of users, their accounts, the wallet, authentication and reading of data time series:

  • AUTH: module responsible for authentication with the Logbot platform
  • BITSTREAM: allows you to read time series data using the Graphite API from the Logbot platform
  • CORE: manages users, accounts and users’ iot
  • WALLET: manages the user’s wallet
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This module is responsible for communication with the devices and for their configuration and consists of the following components:

  • SETUP: manages the iot configuration
  • WRITER: reads and writes variables asynchronously directly from/to devices
  • EDGE SERVICES: manages the deployment and distribution of services
  • FIREWALL: manage access to a device
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These modules contain extension components of the previous ones and are characterized by:

  • BLUETOOTH: manages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interoperability between devices and apps
  • DISCOVERY: module to discover all the locally connected iot devices
  • COMPILER: Handle WRITER module operations during runtime
  • SETUP UI: preconfigured UI to manage configuration operations of a new device via BLE or Wi-Fi
  • COMMONS: utility library used among all other modules

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If you develop IoT projects and want to reduce complexity and TTM, Logbot InstantApp has you covered.

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