Support – FAQs

They are plug&play ready-made KITS that contain hardware, license and credits to provide specific solutions.

You can find Logbot KITS at our certified distributors: >>Link

The Basic Services can be activated through the Logbot portal in the “Services” section, the KITS by sending an email to indicating the KIT to activate .

Logbot Smart Service Card (LSSC) is a prepaid card with which you can access Logbot’s value-added technical support services. Once purchased, LSSC must be activated and can be used within 12 months of the date of purchase; after this period the services of Customer Services not yet used can in no case be requested, nor compensated.

Support can be requested through the dedicated ticketing portal at the following link: >>Link

LogbotOS is the Logbot operating system taht allows you to activate and enjoy the services on the platform through certified hardware. LogbotOS provides for the purchase of a one-time license.

Prepaid subscription services are billed monthly and deducted fro  the amount of credit uploaded to the administrator’s profile.

Logbits are prepaid credits to purchase and activate all the services provided by Logbot.

Logbits can be purchased online by credit card on the Logbot portal in the “Billing” section or at our certified distributors: >>Link

Hardware that supports LogbotOS varies by application and is described at the following link: >>Link

Supported protocols are S7, OPC-UA, MODBUS-TCP and HTTP

Logbot has a network of certified system integrators available at the following link:>>Link

Il materiale tecnico può essere scaricato previa registrazione al seguente link: >>Link

Only in the KIT “Certification 4.0” is included.

Through the Logbot Sales APP I can access technical and commercial material.

The VPN client can be downloaded at the following link: >>Link

A broken iot device can be restored by following the instructions at the following link: >>Link

Yes, HTTP REST APIs are available via Logbot’s Bitstream service. Contact your sales representative or fill in the form at the following link: >>link

Yes, via SOM hardware. Please contact your sales representative or fill in the form at the following link: >>link

Fare riferimento al documento tecnico al seguente link: >>link

Logbot provides a LAYER2 VPN that is compatible with all Ethernet automation devices and does not require changes to your corporate firewall settings.

No, Logbot is a completely no-code platform.

Yes, contact your sales representative or fill in the form at the following link: >>link

The data are processed in Europe according to current regulations.

Yes, within the portal or via API.