Main Group

Who is Main group

Leading Production Injection Molding Machine For Plastic

The need

Identify precisely and give evidence to the end customer of the production efficiency of the machines installed, energy consumption and raw materials and their waste.

How did Logbot intervene

Using the Logbot iot platform and the KIT “Production cost identification” has equipped all the new generation plastic injection machines and those already installed with iot functionality for management, the analysis and visualization of the status of function and of the parameters inherent in the quality control and the traceability of the product.

Results obtained

The service allows, thanks to the analysis of the collected information and the use of Business Intelligence components, to decide the remedial actions and the restoration of production stops, minimizing the impacts due to failures or cyber attacks, We also plan planned or preventive maintenance plans providing the customer with a better technical support service. The same information is collected, organized and analyzed to create a dynamic baseline that allows the OEM to perform predictive analysis activities in addition to providing a value-added service to its end customer that monetizes.